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When God rescued me and began His maturing work in my life, I could no longer separate my personal and professional lives. God’s plans and purposes permeated my counseling practice because I had learned that it is only through Him that complete healing is possible.


So although I still use all the psychological tools I have practiced with through the years, my first response to all issues brought before me now is to create a safe environment in which I can connect to my client, and I can facilitate a connection to God, so that He can direct the process, and infuse it with light and understanding.


Since God is relational (God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit—the perfect relationship) and He created us in His image, I am passionate about helping others fulfill the Greatest Commandment, to love God and to love others as ourselves with all our hearts, Matthew 22: 37-40.


Because humans live in a broken world filled with hurting people who then hurt people, and because so much of our lives have been marred by evil, death and destruction, we need healing, and I believe that ultimate healing comes only from God.  I will facilitate the process for that healing and restoration. We will also work on maintaining and protecting that which has been redeemed and restored. An ongoing relationship with God is the only way to make it out of this world alive!


In order to achieve this healing and restoration, we must come out of hiding and confess truth, stop running from the challenges in our lives, and trust God to do as He promises…to sustain us, to help us through the storms, and to complete the work He began in us when we made Him the Lord of our life.

Nothing can Separate

A Spacious Place

Cling to Hope

Delight in the Lord

     It is in this divine connection with God that we will experience His empowering love, grace, mercy, peace and joy. I am honored and privileged to journey with you through this holy experience as God transforms us into the people He created us to be. God sees us as “broken but beautiful” and His love makes us new!  

Embrace Kingdom Living today!

Barbara Pope Musser

Live life like you are loved.

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“Jesus says, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”  John 14:6

Barbara Pope Musser, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist    904-472-7211      barbara@barbarapopemusser.com